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2011 SMF Standby Crew, SDVFDRS :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 0 0 Trooper 7, Into the Wild Blue :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 0 0 Trooper 7 Liftoff :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 0 0 Trooper 7 Powers Up :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 0 0
Mature content
To Swell the Tide, Intro :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 0 6
My Message To YOU.
This is my message. It is a message to YOU and to YOU alone.
For years, YOU chose to make your life what you wanted to make of it. YOU chose to pollute your body with chemicals and YOU chose to believe your own lies and disillusion yourself with your backwards propaganda.
There is nothing wrong with your life. Nothing that YOU can't fix. The fundamental problem is that YOU are spoonfeeding yourself your own depression and destroying your own life with your choices. But then, YOU were always 'right' and nothing could possibly be wrong with YOU. There was never any chance that YOU may have made a few wrong choices and that YOU could've possibly done something wrong, right? No. YOU were too perfect to ever be wrong, and the verbrose platitudes fed to YOU by your mindless followers fueled that ego that YOU can never get over. Ergo, there is no counseling YOU beyond showing YOU yo
:iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 0 19
Return of the Blue Angel :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 2 0
It Pays Nothing.
It pays nothing.
No money, no handout. There is no compensation. You recieve absolutely nothing from it. Yet, it is rewarding. The reward comes everytime you see that smile, hear that laugh, or rest easy at night knowing you did your best.
There are no parades. There is no celebration. There's no party. You will never have a time to publically rejoice, nor are you likely to. The celebration comes because life is precious and should be regarded as a celebration every morning you wake from sleep and take a breath.
There are risks. There are injuries. There is sickness. There is loss. You know these things, but you traverse on with your head held high and the experience under your belt. You take authority, lead as a shining example, and keep cool no matter the trouble. You push foward, striving to better everything around you.
There is death. The unavoidable will occur. And though you lament for a time and feel as if the world has set it's troubles upon your shoulders, you will eve
:iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 5 42
Background Jan 2k9 :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 0 0 The 'New' Ride :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 1 2
The Devil and Korey
The Devil went down to Korey's kitchen,
He was lookin' for some flour to steal.
He was in a bind, bakin' lots of pies,
So he was willin' to make a deal.
When he came across that ol' boy cookin' somethin' up in his pot,
The Devil jumped up on the oven and said: "Boy, lemme tell ya what!"
"I bet you didn't know it, but I'm quite a baker too,
So if you care to take a dare, I'll have a bake-off with you.
Now you stir up a pretty mean recipe, but give the Devil his due:
I'll bet this baking pan of gold against your soul 'cause I think that I'm better than you."
The boy said: "The name's Korey, and I just put a tray of cookies in,
But I'll take that bet, you're gonna regret, 'cause I'm the best there's ever been!"
Korey risen up your loaves, and bake those cookies fast.
The Devil's in your kitchen, and it's bound to be a blast!
And if you win this bake-off you'll get a baking pan made of gold,
But if you lose the Devil gets your souuuul!
The Devil opened up his cook-book and said: "I'll star
:iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 0 11
Mature content
Chaos and Disorder. :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 0 4
Mature content
The Apocolypse Begins :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 0 2
Remember 3 :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 1 2 Remember 2 :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 1 0 Remember 1 :iconcontemporaryshadow:ContemporaryShadow 1 0
Things I maed.


RRRRRRRRAPID :iconthebravestwolf:TheBravestWolf 2 2 DOOOOODLEEEE :iconthebravestwolf:TheBravestWolf 3 0 Never ask your friends for a face expression ever :iconthebravestwolf:TheBravestWolf 3 4 Rapid Rescue :iconthebravestwolf:TheBravestWolf 3 0 [Doodle] Rapid :iconthebravestwolf:TheBravestWolf 3 0 19 Inch Poseable Big Mac Plush :iconplushactiontoys:PlushActionToys 214 46 Nightmare Nights Auction Wood Carving :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 375 11 Nightmare Nights Dallas Charity Auction Winner! :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 39 5 Zen and the Art of Apple Bucking :icontopgull:TopGull 296 47 Guys Night Out 2 :iconedowaado:Edowaado 1,945 350 Graffiti My little pony :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 1,418 234 Crazy Twilight Sparkle Graffiti :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 716 85 Derpy Hooves Graffiti (Another view) :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 2,149 583 Laugh Lots - Filly Pinkie Pie Graffiti :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 2,835 357 Rapid Rescue2 :iconrockstolid:Rockstolid 1 3 Lost With Our Heads In The Clouds :iconjaniceghosthunter:janiceghosthunter 20 9


Because others don't, anymore...


My hashtag creation. I've vetted it on both Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. My followers rejoice to it. It's great., I'm alive. Not that anyone cared. I just can't have a journal entry about that convention up anymore.


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